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We have developed a brand new smart SMS paging for your guests or customers - check out below all the advantages over any competitor.



CS7 Coaster pagers


Our CS7 customer pager can now confirm when a message is received! No more lost customers or unconfirmed messaging.

This is the only coaster paging system in the world to offer acknowledge two way paging - and anything else is just old technology.

CS7 Customer Pager

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Customer SMS paging

That's right - contact your customers and guests (or even staff) with this great new innovative solution and increase your profitability through higher efficiency with the obvious gain to customer service.

Network Paging

Great for Hospitals & Business

If you think you have seen Network paging then think again. We promise you that there is no more flexible product, with this many features and benefits available anywhere that is as easy to use as the Netpage Unlimited System.

Smarter Paging

Smarter Paging Solutions

Just when you think you know paging systems - especially for onsite paging - we turn the whole thing on it's head and make systems that can page anywhere - even from an 'onsite' paging system. What's more - you will not find this technology anywhere else.

SMS Text and Networking Paging


SMS Text Paging is here - available now

Free at last... free at last. At last you can now page staff or customers without the need for pagers.

This unique new system is called the T7470 System and can send text messages right to a cellphone without any other equipment than a broadband connection.

At last there is no limit on paging your customer anywhere. Even if you are in the Centre of town and the customer is going out of the Centre, or you're based in an airport or...  well you get the picture.

But remember, that SMS text paging is a complimentary system to the regular paging which this transmitter supports so you can use our regular staff or customer pagers too.

And there's more... the T7470 system allows you to collect emails for promotional purposes as you book the customer in - the best time. Later you can log on to the internet and retrieve all of those email addresses for promotion by your organisations.

If you would like to find out more about the T7470 transmitter and what it can do for you fill out our enquiry form now.



Network Paging System

Netpage Unlimited - more than just paging

The new Netpage Unlimited is far more than just a regular network paging solution.

With this system you are able to see whose logged in on site, send emails, send SMS, page directly and even set up a 'to do' list for employees around the premises to respond to - and you know what, when they complete the task they can simply 'tick off' the task as completed and the system will automatically update all the records of the work done.

There's far more to this system - in fact far more than we can discuss here - so you might skip along to or better still, don't rely on the internet for this product - call us directly on 01782 537000.





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