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Simply smart paging systems for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, retail, customers and staff, SMS paging, Health and Safety, opticians, fire alarm paging and network pagers from smarter paging systems UK.

Customer Pagers:

customer and retail pager systemsCustomer Systems If you operate anywhere where you need to call customers back at a later time we have some great products for you

April  17th 2015

Other Pager Systems:

other pager systemsOther Systems We make paging systems for computer networks and now even SMS Text pager systems that send text to cell phones

April 17th 2015

Staff Paging:

staff pager systemsStaff Systems Staff paging is a necessity in most businesses. We have solutions available for every industry. Check these out now

April 17th 2015


CS7 Coaster pagers


Our CS7 customer pager can now confirm when a message is received! No more lost customers or unconfirmed messaging.

This is the only coaster paging system in the world to offer acknowledge two way paging - and anything else is just old technology.

CS7 Customer Pager

NEW Paging:

NEW Paging Systems

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New Pagers and Products Launched

New smarter paging solutions for the world

The new pager systems we have available for customers, staff and other uses are high quality low cost solutions that are backed up with great warranty should you ever need to use our warranty system. We have developed these communications solutions over 18 years since 1993.

Designed for

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Retail
  • Industrial uses
  • Health & Safety
  • Schools & Universities
  • Spa & Salons
  • Crèche's
  • and many more applications

What you need

All paging systems basically comprise of a transmitter and pagers. We manufacture many transmitters for different applications so its useful to always contact us so we can advise exactly which transmitter and pagers are suitable for your application.


Our commitment

Warranty: We optionally offer a new for old warranty on pagers for up to ten years from purchase date* we are the only company that offers this sort of commitment and support in the industry - with many suppliers offering just one year warranty - and they often repair the returned units.

10-year-warranty Why buy other products with inferior warranties? Imagine having a warranty that lasts for up to *10 Years...  Don't expect to see this any time soon from distributors or those Chinese products out there - it won't happen. UK ONLY
* terms apply.

Trials: We offer a trial for all our pager systems. Many suppliers are not willing to offer a trial of their equipment and basically once you buy it, if its not suitable then you might be left with equipment which is not for you. We make things easier - if you try a system and its not for you we can either replace the system with a different specification or simply refund you the price less shipping*

Advanced Features:

Latest manufacturing techniques: We manufacture our paging solutions to the highest quality anywhere and the pager systems all use the latest technology in the industry. Don't be swayed by the 'flashing lights' of competitors - often those products are cheap copies of our products, or use excessive technology in their products that regularly fail - then you will be carrying the repair bill. On the other hand, our products are extremely tried and tested over 18 years of supply and we don't include little flashing lights that have little or no benefit to the operation of your paging system.

Contact form: For all enquiries please do fill out our contact form and we will get back to you presently or call 01782 537000 and we will be happy to help with your enquiry with a no obligation quotation with all the benefits of a paging system for your industry.


Other Features

Out of range alarms:  Some paging systems we supply have out of range alarms for customers if they wander out of range of the signal.

Maximum range: We can supply transmitters with the maximum legal output for the UK.

SMS paging:  Our brand new technology transmitters can send an SMS text to cell phone users that don't want to carry a pager with them. The advantage of this is that there is no range limitation. This is patented by our company.


For further information on any of our products and services please do contact us directly.


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