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We invented the customer pager in 1993 and since then have been innovating with new and smart technology to keep our guest and customer paging systems the best in the world.



CS7 Coaster pagers


Our CS7 customer pager can now confirm when a message is received! No more lost customers or unconfirmed messaging.

This is the only coaster paging system in the world to offer acknowledge two way paging - and anything else is just old technology.

CS7 Customer Pager

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Paging Systems for the UK

TX9550 Series


A simple transmitter used throughout the UK


TX7460 Series


This transmitter can communicate with SMS as well as pagers

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Netpage TX


Used with our Netpage Unlimited the TX7470-232 can send pages, SMS, email and much more.


Smart Guest and Customer Paging Systems


Our New CS7 Coaster Pager System

We actually invented these products in 1993. The basic concept is simple. When you have a customer or guest that needs to wait, just hand them one of these pagers and allow them to wander around your premises, or maybe visit the cafe etc. When you need the customer or patient back - simply press a button and 'page' them back. They will soon return.

You achieve a better service, more relaxed customers (that may indeed have been spending in your bar, cafe or other facility) and all this makes for greater efficiency and profitability.

Customer service goes through the roof.

We have a number of styles of customer, guest or patient pager systems available:


Coaster Pagers

Call customers back with our coaster pagers

The pager that started it all - now completely updated. In 1993 we invented the coaster pager and since then it is found all around the world. Our new CS7 is capable of two way communications that can acknowledge when a message is received. Advantages include simplicity, flexibility, cost. These 'coaster pagers' are really robust and come in red, green, blue, multicolour or white all without extra cost. You can even apply advertising by way of the front label.

Coaster Pager


Adverteaser or Paddle Pagers

Simple and effective paddle pagers

This paddle pager is used throughout the UK in many large organisations in restaurants, cafe's, coffee houses and many more environments. It has been copied by others over and over but this remains one of the most robust and durable products available for customer retrieval that you can advertise on.


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